LuxClub Vacuum Storage Bags, Space-Saver Bags with Pump for Clothes, Comforters, Blankets, and Bedding

LuxClub Vacuum Storage Bags, Space-Saver Bags with Pump for Clothes, Comforters, Blankets, and Bedding

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Revolutionize your storage solutions with LuxClub's Vacuum Storage Bags. This set of large space-saver bags, accompanied by a convenient pump, transforms organization effortlessly. Ideal for clothes, comforters, blankets, and bedding, these bags provide airtight sealing, maximizing your available space. Efficiently reduce volume while protecting your items from dust, moisture, and odors. Luxclub's Vacuum Storage Bags are the key to decluttering and preserving the freshness of your belongings.

What's Included: 10 Large Space Saver Bags (85 X 55 cm)

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efficient vacuum seal bags for moving and reorganization

These bags are easy to use. In just few simple steps, you can vacuum seal your items quickly. The only problem is that one bag had a few holes, but it didn't affect overall function. I would highly recommend these bags for those in the midst of move or reorganization!

Perfect for organizing

This set of 10 bags is amazing. These bags have a device to take out air and I am really happy with how they work. They have successfully decreased the size of my jeans and shirts, making storage much easier. Definitely worth purchasing!

Compatibility issues

I made a mistake by combining different brands. I bought a different brand that included a hand pump and I also purchased a separate pump for this brand. However, the bag connection and pump threads do not fit together. It's very inconvenient. I will return this brand!

Not jumbo enough

Have tried other bags for larger blankets and other items and these bags only accommodate half of what i can put into this product's bag. But I suppose that is why it comes in a pack of 10. The material used seems like it could be punctured easily. The closures are remarkable. The lock assist for the zip lock seal is not very sturdy, it falls off easily but is easy to reattach

Ineffective bags

I've bought numerous bags like these before but this specific brand disappoints in keeping the air out. I've attempted to seal and reseal the edges but they still don't function. It's annoying to have wasted money on these!

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