LuxClub Vacuum Storage Bags, Space-Saver Bags with Pump for Clothes, Comforters, Blankets, and Bedding

LuxClub Vacuum Storage Bags, Space-Saver Bags with Pump for Clothes, Comforters, Blankets, and Bedding

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Revolutionize your storage solutions with LuxClub's Vacuum Storage Bags. This set of large space-saver bags, accompanied by a convenient pump, transforms organization effortlessly. Ideal for clothes, comforters, blankets, and bedding, these bags provide airtight sealing, maximizing your available space. Efficiently reduce volume while protecting your items from dust, moisture, and odors. Luxclub's Vacuum Storage Bags are the key to decluttering and preserving the freshness of your belongings.

What's Included: 10 Large Space Saver Bags (85 X 55 cm)

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Ghada Sherif
Pretty good Easy to Use and Saves Space

Initially, I thought these bags were amazing. They are still pretty good, but one of them inflated after two weeks. Despite this, they were very easy to use and held a lot. I vacuum sealed throw pillows and comforters and stored them with no issues. The included vacuum pump was also very helpful. I removed white clip and found sealing bags by hand worked even btter. It's been six weeks and most of the bags are still doing fine. Definitely helps with reducing space

Travel with ease!

Worked for my purpose! Bought them for reducing the volume of a spongy cloth, to put in a carry on. It did the job and kept the shape during the 20h trip. Don't know about the longevity of the material for a longer period of time. Did the job for me so I'm satisfied. By the way, this set had great value for the money and rating on vacuum storage bags. These bags are essential for travel. They are small in pize, easy to use, and keep your clothes wrinkle free. Whether you're traveling for work or pleasure, these bags will make your journey easy. Bid farewell to large luggage and welcome hassle free travel with these amazing bags!

Nevel Yang
Space saving! a moving miracle

When I moved to new place, I had a lot of stuff to pack including winter coats, blankets, dog beds and all my clothes. I decided to try these storage bags and they were a lifesaver! They helped me save so much space my moving boxes. They are not only effective but also reusable.

James Evers
Space saver!!! a closet revolution

It's easy to use, the pump removes the air very quickly and a lot can fit in 1 bag. OUTSTANDING. I got all my summer clothes in 1 bag and it takes up much less space. #DYNAMITE! I did my comforters too. The only way to store clothes, comforters, and sheets. Easier to move and thinner. What a winner who invented this. T These bags have truly revolutionized my closet organiztion. They are very user friendly with a fast air extraction pump and ability to store large quantity of items in single bag. I couldn't believe how much space I saved using these bags for my summer clothes and comforters. They have made moving and storing my belongings so much easier. Whoever came up with this invention deserves applause!

Missy Leahy
Works well

Perfect storage solution. These were so nice and hefty and the large size held so many items. Really cut down on storage space needed for out of season items. I would buy them again. These bags are ultimate storage solution. They are spacious, sturdy, and can hold large number of items. Whether you need to store out of season clothes, bedding, or other household items, these bags will help you maximize your storage space. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to an organized home!