LuxClub Contour Pillow: Orthopedic Memory Foam for Ultimate Neck and Back Pain Relief, Cervical Support, Adjustable Comfort

LuxClub Contour Pillow: Orthopedic Memory Foam for Ultimate Neck and Back Pain Relief, Cervical Support, Adjustable Comfort

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Experience the epitome of comfort with LuxClub's Adjustable Contour Pillow. By unzipping the cooling cover and removing the middle memory foam layer, you can tailor the pillow to your needs. Align the layers and zip up the cover to enjoy a superior night's sleep.

Every component of this pillow is dedicated to enhancing your sleep quality. Featuring an exclusive formula, dynamically conforms to your neck's natural curve, promoting proper spine alignment and even pressure distribution. It effectively alleviates neck and back pain, ensuring you wake up refreshed.

Not only feels cool to the touch but also stays fresh throughout the night. LuxClub's Adjustable Contour Pillow caters to all types of sleepers, be it side, back, or stomach sleepers. The ideal pillow awaits you, offering the science of zero-pressure sleep. Upgrade your sleep experience with LuxClub.

What's Included: 1 Contour Pillow

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Pain relief for hurting neck

My neck has been hurting while, so I decided to try this pillow. After few days of using it, my neck already feels somewhat btter. I'm hopeful that with continuous use, pain will improve even more. It's definitely worth try if you suffer from neck discomfort

Finally, a pillow that relieves neck pain!

Have bought this for myself and now five more for friends and family. It's the best pillow I have ever placed my head on, hands down. If you have existing neck pain, this pillow might hurt you at first, but as you heal, it will feel great. Fix your neck pain first or get this before you start having neck pain

Improved sleep with less pain

Purchased this pillow as a side/stomach sleeper to help with shoulder and upper/middle back pain. It took some adjusting to get used to but it has a great height for keeping the head and neck nicely supported. Now, I don't have the same pains as before! The only downside is that my boyfriend can't slide his arm under the pillow to snuggle me

A versatile pillow for all sleepers

I've tried many pillows but this one stands out as the best. It helped ease my neck and shoulder discomfort while sleeping in various positions. Whether I sleep on my back or side, this pillow offers excellent support. It's truly the top pillow I've ever used!

Could be cooler for some sleepers

Not cooling. I tried using it a few weeks hoping to like it but it didn't work for me. I would wake up at night with sweaty neck when I slept my back. When I tried sleeping on my side, the pillow would flatten my cheeks. Remving insert helped a bit but it still wasn't comfortable and it was still hot. Last night, I tried the orthopedic sleeping pillow with adjustable support. I didn't sweat and it provided the right amount of support right away

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