LuxClub Contour Pillow: Orthopedic Memory Foam for Ultimate Neck and Back Pain Relief, Cervical Support, Adjustable Comfort

LuxClub Contour Pillow: Orthopedic Memory Foam for Ultimate Neck and Back Pain Relief, Cervical Support, Adjustable Comfort

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Experience the epitome of comfort with LuxClub's Adjustable Contour Pillow. By unzipping the cooling cover and removing the middle memory foam layer, you can tailor the pillow to your needs. Align the layers and zip up the cover to enjoy a superior night's sleep.

Every component of this pillow is dedicated to enhancing your sleep quality. Featuring an exclusive formula, dynamically conforms to your neck's natural curve, promoting proper spine alignment and even pressure distribution. It effectively alleviates neck and back pain, ensuring you wake up refreshed.

Not only feels cool to the touch but also stays fresh throughout the night. LuxClub's Adjustable Contour Pillow caters to all types of sleepers, be it side, back, or stomach sleepers. The ideal pillow awaits you, offering the science of zero-pressure sleep. Upgrade your sleep experience with LuxClub.

What's Included: 1 Contour Pillow

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Customer Reviews

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Better than expected

When I first tried the pillow, I wasn't sure if it would work for me. It felt uncomfortable and caused some ear discmfort. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a try and continued using it. I'm glad I did because after a few nights, it started fitting my head better and the discomfort went away. It has greatly helped with my neck pain and I am very happy with how pillow has worked

Amazing results

I really needed this pillow. I used to wake up with a painful and stiff neck but ever since I started sleeping on it, the pain has disappeared. The pillow provides excellent support for both back and side sleeping positions. I'm very grateful for it!

A game changing pillow

I'm someone who likes to sleep my side and this pillow made a big difference in how well I sleep. While it's not perfect for side sleeping, it provides a good balance between sleeping on your side and sleeping on your back. The memory foam is much superior to regular pllows. Also, it even had a significant impact my blood oxygen levels, which can indicate sleep apnea. I highly recommend this pillow!

Orthopedic sleeping pillows relieved my neck and shoulder pain!

Have been experiencing serious neck and shoulder pain for nearly a year now. When I saw the ad for the orthopedic sleeping pillows, I had high hopes but low expectations! I was desperate, however and decided it was worth the $55.00 if it could help even a little. In this short amount of time, my neck pain and stiffness have gone completely. My shoulders range of motion has increased dramatically and the pain level has dropped significantly! My condition has improved enough where I am now able to begin stretching and strengthening my shoulders. There was an adjustment period but there is no denying the results. Thank you, orthopedic sleeping pillows, for your excellent product!

Requires adjustment

You will need to adjust to the shape of the pillow. The first couple of days don't show much difference but keep at it and learn to use it properly. It works perfectly and helps as intended!

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